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Howard Clean-A-Finish


Howard Clean-A-Finish


Howard Clean-A-Finish is a soap base cleaner that will safely remove a build-up of wax, polish, dirt, hand oils, kitchen grease, and other surface contaminants without harming the finish. You can use it on table tops, the backs and arms of chairs, around kitchen cabinet door handles, and many other areas. It works great for removing cooking oil and grease build-up from kitchen cabinets.

About the Product
  • Soap-based formula does not contain bleach, ammonia or chemicals
  • The safe way to clean all wood, painted surfaces, plastics, upholstery and vinyl
  • Easily removes wax build-up on furniture and antiques
  • Biodegradable
  • Breaks down grease and grime on kitchen cabinets and dining tables

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